Build an Analytics Organization

You can create immense value by integrating analytical processes, technology and people into your business operations, 


The key challenges that an organization faces today are a. the data architecture ie the way the data is collected, stored and managed and b. identifying the key decision areas for which the data is required and c. having the right skill set among your team.

1TEAM’s wide operational experience in the industry helps work with companies to understand and work through the various aspects of the analytical value chain model.


  • Working with the people within the organisation and building the skill sets.

  • Interacting with customers (internal & external) to verify feasibility / possibility of any proposed analysis.

  • All planning activities leading to structured project with milestones and timelines.

  • Evaluation and choice of the technology of the technology platforms.

  • Establishment of the necessary processes to facilitate the operational management of analytics.

  • Producing the analysis plan with the team within the corporate process.

  • Analysis and communicating the results to answer the business challenges.

  • Structuring predictive analysis, if any.

  • Tying all activities to measure impact on the company's profits.

1TEAM with its high quality associate analytics team, is adept at the mathematical and econometric tools available today for most technology platforms. 


The most appropriate data architecture that needs to be set up. Based on the data architecture developed, the data analytics modeling is done in close discussion with relevant team of the company.  We recognise the need to hand-hold our customers in this critical journey where the importance of design of the data analytics model and systems cannot stressed enough.


We commit to ensure that the right invetsment decisions are taken in this respect.

We have a 1-day Interactive agenda setting workshop introducing enterprise analytics to companies. The broad workshop details are:

1. Analytics journey and data driven decision making

  • Blending Data with experience & inituition

  • Transition to  a data driven company

  • Broad Benchmarking & Gap Analysis

  • Big Data for Big Decisions

2. Setting a broad agenda for the analytics journey

3. Draw a tentative roadmap for future steps