“Until you know what the Customer is buying, you do not know what you are selling”. Understanding the customer, empathizing with their business environment and being perceptive to their expressed and implied needs differentiates an excellent seller from an average one. The 2015 Sales Best Practice Survey (done annually) revealed that companies who demonstrated ‘world class’ sales performance invariably had a better understanding of their customers and knew why customers buy from them or ‘do not’ buy from them.


Sales cycles are becoming increasingly longer and more complex. In the same survey, world class sellers mentioned that on an average they are now dealing with 5.8 decision makers in every sales opportunity. That’s considerable, given the variations in expectations on product / service capabilities and business outcomes that each decision maker may have. 61% of these world class sellers indicated that the sales cycle time has increased for them, and there is far more structure in the decision making process than before, with more buyers expecting clear value articulation in form a business case / ROI justification.


Expectations of when ‘value’ is delivered has also changed. Best Practice studies show that organizations that engage with customers early in the sales process (Value Selling) and differentiate themselves by providing ‘perspectives’ on the right solution are far more effective.

Sales Opportunity, Lead and Account management


We help our customers develop a singular focus on ‘Customer Value’ for each of their sales opportunities, and work with their customers to help them develop a clear concept of their business needs, by asking the right questions and helping them clearly formulate the problem statement

  • Prioritize their business needs and help develop a long term business capability development roadmap

  • Articulate the ‘Value’ of solving their needs in order to establish a clear need for change

  • Evaluate a set of possible solution options and help decide on the right solution mix that will solve their business needs

  • Develop a clear business case with ROI justifications


Our 1 day Sales Acumen Development Program is designed to help sellers become more customer savvy. Titled ‘Company Strategy and Priorities Analysis: Developing the CEO Agenda’, the program teaches salespersons to

  • Analyse a company from its annual reports and other publicly available information

  • Understand the key ‘Win Themes’ for the company; their key goals and priorities, This is he CEO agenda

  • Translating the CEO agenda (win themes) into process and technology capability development requirements for the customer

  • Developing a 3-5 years capability development roadmap based on a ‘Value’ vs ‘Feasibility’ analysis


The program has the right mix of lecture and case study sessions. The concepts are discussed and demonstrated using real life case studies and exercises that help participants apply the concepts readily in their respective sales environments.

Another popular 1-day Program is "Communicating With Impact"