Getting the Most Out of Your IT Investments

Information Technology (IT) is an indispensable topic of consideration in the boardrooms today. Organizations are increasingly depending on information integration throughout their complex value chains and depend on IT to enable an insight driven, agile, responsive and scalable business platform that can enable its strategic objectives. For this reason the IT function of a business needs to be tightly tied to the rest of the business in terms of alignment on strategic objectives and investment decisions. However, in reality, there is a distinct misalignment between IT and Business, and a relative lack of understanding and appreciation of the value IT brings to drive business outcomes. There is a distinct rift. As the scale of IT investments grow and new disruptive technologies such as big data, analytics, mobile and cloud gain prominence, executives need to understand this ‘rift’ better, align IT strategy with business strategy, and assess, in clear terms, the tangible and non-tangible benefits that IT can bring.

We focus in helping our customers bridge this rift and align IT strategies and investment decisions to enable business outcomes that are in line with the strategic goals of the business.

In line with the McKinney study on Process and Technology Transformation, we believe that Technology initiatives on their own have very low probability of success, unless coupled with a process improvement initiatives. Therefore in each of our engagements we bring together a clear alignment between Business Strategy, Business Process Requirements and Information Technology requirements.

Business value analysis for IT investments, technology roadmap development based on strategic priorities, benchmarking, business value, technical feasibility and change readiness. Typically each of these engagements involved leading cross-functional teams, discussions and alignment with customer stakeholders (C-Level – Managers / Users), providing industry and business value content and board level presentations. Click to see some of our past engangements.

We offer

a. Corporate Trainings and Situation Specific Coaching to help our customers develop an understanding and appreciation of


  1. Key disconnects between Business and IT, from a strategy, process and technology systems requirements point of view

  2. The various Approaches, Methodologies and Tools that can be used to align and discover value potential of IT in supporting business

  3. How new disruptive technologies such as big data, mobility, cloud and social media are creating challenges for IT and Supply Chain alignment, as well as creating new opportunities for better performance

b. Consulting Engagements to help our customers develop Business Value driven IT Roadmap for their businesses.

Of our many training sessions, our 1-day session "IT Enabled Supply Chains - A C Level Perspective" is a good start to the journey.