Drive Down Costs. Improve Cash. Deliver on Time.

Planning is an essential element in today’s complex and high variability supply chains. Global leaders such as, Apple, Walmart, P&G, and Toyota understand this, and are able to bring their entire organizations into an integrated planning and execution mode. Integrated Business Planning (IBP), traditionally also known as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an approach for establishing such an integrated framework and has emerged as an essential top management tool today.


“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

    - Richard Cushing


Most organizations struggle with the challenge of developing a consolidated plan that cuts across timeframes (strategic, tactical, operational), functions (sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, finance) and geographies (regions where a company may operate in). That’s the first challenge. The second challenge is to ensure that the plan is ‘optimum’, i.e. it is sufficiently demand driven (based on what the customers will buy) and makes the best use of resources (people, equipment, inventory, money) to deliver the highest profits to the organization.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is an elegant framework that helps managers take a strategic view of the business and achieve it through executable plans in each business function so that everyone is working towards ‘One Common Goal’. In essence, it is a common sense process designed for effective decision making for any organization, big or small, in private or public sector.

We work with customers in their IBP Journeys by helping in


  • Assessing readiness of their organization (process, systems, data and change management readiness) using a maturity model approach

  • Developing detailed implementation plans with clear objectives, scope, timelines, resource requirements, roles and responsibilities

  • Developing clear metrics for measuring success of the IBP program

  • Conducting Alignment Workshops with the senior management team for gaining commitment for the IBP Program

  • Executing the IBP Program with customer stakeholders

1TEAM  a 3-day workshop titled: "Integrated Business Planning and Analytics using a Balanced Scorecard Approach" intended for key executives of your company. 

This program provides an overview of the different components of IBP and how it fits into a business. It also provides a step by step guide to developing and executing an IBP plan, including how to develop IBP measures using a Balanced Scorecard approach. Another key highlight of the program is to provide insights into the key challenges in executing an IBP plan and provide guidance and skills in securing commitment to the IBP process from senior management.


This program integrates concepts in strategic planning, financial planning, demand and supply planning, IT and change management. A wide array of business cases, real life examples and role play-based learning will be used to cover the state-of-the-art practices in IBP.

Another introductory 2-day session "Supply Chain 101: An Executive View", is targeted towards junior to mid level Supply Chain and Operations Managers who are involved in designing and managing supply chains, with prior experience in at least one of the supply chain areas: manufacturing, logistics, procurement, Supply Chain IT, marketing, new product development or distribution.