Key Value Based IT Roadmap Development Engagements

Theme Park, Singapore


  • Study of Enterprise wide processes, systems and organization to develop an IT Strategy point of view and a value based roadmap for technology capability deployment


Global Leader in Apparel, Japan


  • Scope covered end to end enterprise processes – from retail operations to manufacturing and procurement, for Japan and International operations


High Tech Communications Equipment Leader, China


  • Developed IT Strategy and Technology Development Roadmap for the Supply Chain Group

  • Scope covered supply chain functions across all business groups – Networks, Communications equipment and mobile


Global Bank, Singapore


  • Technology strategy, IT architecture and roadmap for Customer data management for the Retail Bank Operations


Global Bank, Singapore


  • Finance Systems Strategy and Technology Capability development roadmap


Public Sector, Malaysia


  • Technology roadmap development for public fund managing agency


Leading Port Operator, Malaysia


  • Technology roadmap and business case for Human Resources function


Leading Conglomerate, Thailand


  • Technology strategy and roadmap development for Corporate Accounting, Procurement, Paper and Chemical businesses


Leading Conglomerate, Philippines


  • Technology roadmap development for all corporate and all business groups


Consumer Products and Agribusiness Leader, Singapore


  • Value based roadmap and business case for global operations and end-to-end value chain


Consumer Products and Agribusiness Leader, Indonesia


  • Value based roadmap and business case for supply chain technology investment across the entire value chain


Healthcare sector, Singapore


  • Technology roadmap for billing and finance transformation