Strategy Development & Execution




"The underlying principles of strategy are enduring, regardless of technology or the pace of change." says Michael Porter, Strategy Thought Leader


We define Strategy as a Plan to meet desired goals under conditions of uncertainty and limited resources.


Yes it is a simple enough definition but when we list some of the categories of uncertainties, we realise the extent of the challenge:


  • The Prevailing Macro Economic Environment

  • The changing Political Environment

  • Exchange Risks

  • Interest Rates

  • Global Commodity Price Swings

  • Inflation

  • Tax Regime in the operating markets

  • Prevailing Legal Environment

  • Changing demand patterns

  • Changing Product/ Service Technologies / Relevance

  • Competitive Strategies

  • Force Majeure conditions


And the available resources in terms of finance, people and skills are very limited.


Survey results of Strategy Thinking Trends in Organizations
Survey Results of Strategy Execution Trends in Companies

How then do we deliver value on a sustained basis to the key stakeholders - the customers, the suppliers, the shareholders and the employees?​


Strategy Thinking, Planning and Execution leading to Business Value

1TEAM's unique methodology of workshop based business analysis, inculcating strategic thinking using our ValueQuest Simulations and evolving plans across operational areas can help your organisation achieve its goals.

We have an introductory 1-day program, "Scenario Planning and the Art of Story Telling", designed for Senior and Mid Career professionals and Consultants who are involved in Strategy Planning function for their organizations or clients.