“A strategy, even a great one, doesn’t implement itself” 

- Jeroen De Flander, Strategy Execution Thought Leader


This is our core belief.

Strategic Planners and Business Managers need to weigh in a myriad of possibilities, uncertainties and risks in order to develop a strategic plan that makes the best use of an organization’s resources. The strategic plan then needs to tie in seamlessly with the annual business planning processes and the operational planning processes so that the ‘Strategy’ can be ‘Actionable’ at the most granular level of an organization.


Our interactive business simulation games and customized workshops help the Strategy Planners and the all key Business Managers develop an understanding of the key interdependencies of various strategic and operational decisions and enable them to develop actionable strategic plans for their businesses. Read more on what we offer on strategy, sales, and operations




Customers are the stakeholders upon which the success of a business rests. This is true even for non-profit and public sector organizations. We apply the Design Thinking approach to help our customers develop a razor sharp focus on their customers and create ‘Value’​ in the operational areas of Sales and Supply Chain (Integrated Business Planning, 




We believe that every customer’s situation is unique and a ‘cookie cutter’ approach cannot bring about sustainable business transformation.


Our approach is therefore flexible to each customer’s needs. We apply the latest thinking, frameworks and methodologies but are careful to adapt them to suit the business context of our customers.