Our Training programs focus on building competencies and behavioural change in the domains of Sales, Operations, Planning & Analytics and Digitalization. We help reinforce the learning and its application in real life situations through our coaching programs. Our classroom and online interactive training programs combine theory and practice in the context of the customer’s environment to ensure high impact.


We ‘connect the dots’ for our customers and help them solve a wide array of business problems in the areas of Strategy, Process and Technology. Our approach is holistic and customized completely to the customer’s context. Our depth and breadth of industry and consulting experience helps us to apply leading consulting methodologies and industry best practices in a way that are meaningful and specific to the problem being solved.


In a resource constrained world with high growth expectations, identifying performance gaps and re-prioritizing improvement initiatives is the only way to meet the sales challenge. Successful sales organizations do not do one or two things well; they maintain a high level of performance across all of the selling and sales management activities required to support the sales process. Our Sales Consulting and Training Programs are designed to help sales leaders prioritize and plan sales re-engineering and capability development initiatives for achieving sales excellence.

No one buys a product per se. What is bought is what the customer ‘thinks’ the product or service will do for her or him. Being perceptive of the customer’s environment and his / her requirement is therefore a key criteria for a successful salesperson and should be at the core of their Sales DNA. Every successful salesperson should be a businessperson first and understand how to create business outcomes for their customers. We offer a range of training and coaching programs that help salespersons become business savvy and articulate the ‘value’ of their products and services in the context of their customer’s needs. Read on…


"What's the use of running if you are not on the right road” is an old German proverb. We help our customers choose the ‘right road’ by inculcating strategic thinking in everything they do. Our interactive strategy games help customer stakeholders connect shareholder value creation objectives to the operational strategies they need in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Procurement functions. Our facilitated workshops around Business Model Canvas Design and Value Proposition Design and Go-to-Market Planning help our customers prioritize and align organizational resources to attain their strategic objectives. We also conduct Scenario Planning workshops that help our customers evaluate multiple possible future states and develop a risk mitigated strategic plan

With the advent of Big Data, the field of Analytics and BI has witnessed rapid change. The time from ‘Data’ to ‘Decisions’ have collapsed radically and organizations are now able to take decisions based on almost real time view of data. Decision making is also increasingly depending on predictive analytics tools which discern data patterns and use machine learning algorithms to predict probable future states. How should an organization develop analytics and business intelligence capabilities? Where are their data sources and what decisions are critical for them? We work with our customers through training and consulting engagements to understand the process and tools of ‘Analytics’ in their context and develop an Analytics framework that provides optimum outcomes.

A company’s Operations in form of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Finance are core sources of ‘value’ creation for its customers. Being ‘Demand’ Driven (producing and distributing what the customer needs) and ‘Value’ Driven (sharp focus on customer value creating activities) are therefore key precepts in an organization’s journey towards attaining operational excellence. Our Sales & Operations Planning and Lean & Six Sigma offerings in form of customized training and process improvement consulting help our customers succeed in their quest for operational excellence…

We offer a range of detailed training and advisory services in the domains of Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning and Sales & Operations Planning (also known as Integrated Business Planning). These programs are aimed towards ensuring that our customers’ are forecasting demand well, and ensuring that the supply functions are producing and distributing the right products to the right place, at the right time and with the right levels of profitability. Read on…

We drive continuous process improvement and re-engineering initiatives for our customers using a range of methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean & Six Sigma. We also offer training programs that range from fundamentals to preparing participants to attain Green belt Certification in Lean & Six Sigma. Learn more…


The domain of Digital Technologies is witnessing unprecedented pace of change. Innovations such as cloud, mobile, big data and social media platforms are disrupting existing business models and creating new ones. Everyone is in the process of figuring out how to harness the power of information technology and survive in the brave new world of digitalization. We help our customers in this journey by de-mystifying and de-jargonizing digital technologies and helping them understand how digitalization can help them achieve business outcomes. Our training and consulting engagements help our customers evaluate digital investments in the context of their business priorities and challenges and develop & execute their digital transformation roadmaps…

"The best CEOs I know are teachers, and at the core of what they teach is strategy."

- Michael Porter